What To Do If You Experience A Catastrophic Accident?


Becoming a part of an accident, whether major or minor, can be a very traumatizing experience. If there are kids or elderly involved, the emotional trauma of the accident can be great. If you have been in a catastrophic car accident while you were in the car with your family, you should not let the party at fault get away with it easily.

Discuss your case with a car accident lawyer and stand by your legal rights. Here is what you should do after experiencing a catastrophic accident.

1.      Check Your Injuries

The first thing to do after you have been in a roadside accident is to check the safety of everyone in the car. Check on your family and make sure that everyone is fine. If there are serious injuries, immediately call 911.

You should consider all the major as well as minor injuries. Ask your family about how they are feeling. If they are in some kind of pain, take them for a complete medical examination immediately.

2.      Hire An Expert Lawyer

You should immediately call your accident lawyer and make sure that they come straight to protect your rights. Your lawyer should estimate the severity of the accident and guide you with the next step.

Your lawyer will also guide you through the legal steps after the accident. Make sure that you choose the right lawyer who has experience in car accident cases.

3.      Document The Scene

You should document the site of the accident. Documentation includes taking pictures of the site. Take pictures of the injuries you and your family have faced. You should also take pictures of the damage caused to your vehicle.

Make sure that you preserve all the evidence. Keep A copy of the police report that you will file at the site of the accident. If there are any serious injuries, or if anyone in your car has unfortunately died in the accident, you should document that too.

4.      Calculate The Settlement Value

Most car accidents end with a settlement. If the other party is willing to pay a fair settlement, then you can discuss it with your lawyer and see what suits you best. A fair settlement includes full compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial loss.

The party at fault should admit their negligence and pay for the extensive medical bills, auto repair bills, and other financial challenges that you had to face because of the accident. Your lawyer can help you calculate the total value of the fair settlement.

5.      Proceed With Trial If Necessary

If you are not receiving a fair settlement, or if any member of your family has died in this accident, you should proceed with the trial. You should ask your wrongful death lawyer to help you file a lawsuit.

Fair compensation is your legal right, especially when you have lost your loved one due to someone’s negligence. A trial can be an emotional journey for you, you should stand by your decision and seek justice.

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